Overlooked Apple Innovations from WWDC 2024

Uncover the hidden gems from Apple’s 2024 WWDC, featuring Tap to Cash, Smart Script for iPad, the iPadOS 18 calculator app, and a new password manager. Elevate your Apple device experience with these innovative additions.

Apple is a tech company recognized worldwide. There are Overlooked Apple’s innovation that no one talks about. Usually, any innovation from the tech giant gets global attention. However, even Apple can have innovations that slip under the radar. Let’s dive into some cool features Apple introduced in 2024 that you might have missed.

At Apple’s recent WWDC, their largest developer conference, they unveiled new software and technologies. They also encouraged third-party developers to build apps for Apple devices. Here’s a look at some exciting features Apple rolled out that you might not have noticed.

Tap to Cash

This feature makes payments more convenient. With Tap to Cash, you can send money by simply tapping your Apple Watch or iPhone. It’s private, so you don’t have to share your phone number or email address.

Smart Script on iPad

If you’ve struggled to write neatly with the Apple Pencil, Smart Script is here to help. This feature polishes and smoothens your handwriting, making it legible.

The Calculator App for iPad
Overlooked Apple's innovation: Calculator App

For years, Apple relied on third-party developers for a calculator app. Finally, they’ve released a comprehensive and user-friendly calculator for iPadOS 18, perfect for students and professionals.

Password Manager

Worried about hackers? Apple’s new password manager stores your passwords safely, reducing the risk of them being compromised.


These improvements might be overlooked features they’re worth checking out. Apple has added these features to its operating system, iOS 18. Explore them and enhance your user experience.

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